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Independent - Fundamental - Premillennial - KJV


In a time of hyper-denominationalism it's hard to keep up with all the labels. The devil's desire is to confuse and confound believers, but we know that, "...God is not the author of confusion..." - I Corinthians 14:33

You may have an idea of what an Independent Baptist Church is. It may all be new to you. You may be asking, "What is an Independent Baptist?"

We are INDEPENDENT in that we answer to NO denominational authority. We belong to no conventions or associations. Christ is the ONLY and ultimate head of our Church. We are ecclesiastically governed by no one but our Lord. We hold the Bible as our only guide for faith and guidance.

We are FUNDAMENTAL in that we adhere to the literal interpretation of the Scriptures leading to a belief in such foundational doctrines as the Divine creation of all things, the Trinity of the Godhead, the virgin birth of our Lord, the deity of Christ, the inspiration, inerrancy, infallibility, immutability and preservation of the Scriptures, Salvation by grace through faith plus nothing minus nothing and the imminent return of our Lord.

We are PREMILLENNIAL in that we believe the return of our Lord (commonly referred to as the Rapture) to be the next event on God’s prophetic calendar occurring at a time known only to God the Father. We believe the rapture to be followed by a literal 7 year period of tribulation during which God’s people the Jews will be intensely persecuted. This tribulation period will end with the visible literal return of our Lord in power and glory to deliver the Jews from their persecution and defeat the world army of the anti-christ in the battle of Armageddon. At this Time our Lord will set up His earthly Kingdom and reign unchallenged for a period of 1000 years (one millennium). While God’s prophetic calendar continues past this period, it is a belief in these events that defines us as Premillennial.

We are EVANGELISTIC in that we believe it is the responsibility of every Christian to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ daily as the Spirit of God leads us. We believe evangelism to be the primary work of the Church. (Note: Evangelistic and New Evangelical are two entirely different and separate terms. We do not consider ourselves New Evangelicals.)

We are MISSION-MINDED in that we believe the support of foreign missions to be one of the responsibilities of the local church. We believe missionaries should be sent out from the local church. We believe churches should support only missionaries that are of like faith and doctrine. We believe churches should personally know the missionaries they support as this will aid them in being responsible and spiritual stewards of God’s money.

We are KING JAMES VERSION Only in that we accept the King James Bible as God's holy, inspired, infallible, preserved Word. We accept, adhere to and use only the King James Bible in the pulpit and in all classes.

We unashamedly wear the name BAPTIST. We believe Baptist doctrine to be in reality Biblical doctrine. While Biblical doctrine has not always been titled Baptist, we believe its source to be the early church founded by our Lord and perpetuated by the apostles.

This is who we are as Independent Baptists

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