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WBC Foundations College & Career


​Foundations is our young adults (ages 20-35) ministry at Walridge. We meet every Sunday morning at 10am in our the WBC Life Center. We chose this name because young adults need to have a sure foundation in the Word of God if they are going to stand for Christ in the storms of life. Many times young adults have trouble feeling at home in God’s house, having to choose between staying in the teenage ministries or be shuffled into the adult classes before they feel ready. We know that young adults are the backbone of a vibrant church and as such it is important that they be ministered to. Some of the most important decisions and times in life occur during this time in a person’s life. Choosing a spouse, choosing a college, big financial decisions and starting a family are some of the huge challenges a young adult faces. At Walridge we want to help young people find God’s will for their lives not only in these areas but in all areas. God’s will is found through God’s Word. We have a Sunday School class specifically for this age group along with outings and time set aside for fellowship and fun. Come be with us and see what this exciting ministry is all about!!!

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