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The Mission Outreach of Walridge


Christ gave the Great Commission to the local church. We believe that 2000 years later it is still the responsibility of the local church to preach the Gospel and to plant local churches. Over half of the world's population is without a Biblical New Testament Church. The need is great and the time is short. Every missionary supported by Walridge Baptist Church is doctrinally sound and sent out from a local church. Their emphasis is on the Gospel and not on social work. Pray for them as they serve.

NOTE: Walridge Baptist Church partners with and supports a number of missionaries in creative access countries. Due to the sensitive nature of their ministries and in order to ensure their safety we do not publish their names or images. Please pray for these faithful servants as they further the Gospel in hostile lands.

The Vance Family to Colombia


As the son of a missionary family (and grandson of another missionary), Aaron was around missions constantly, and at the age of 11 I surrendered his life to be a missionary. As a very young man he began to seek God’s daily will through reading God's Word, serving in his church, and eventually going on mission trips. God has opened the door for him to go to over a dozen countries on mission trips, including studying in Peru, South America. In the Baptist College for World Evangelism, he studied for the field, on the field with veteran missionaries and pastors. God has placed a special burden on his and Aubrie's heart for Colombia. They have planted two churches in Colombia since arriving there.

To learn more or to contact the Vance Family click on their picture.

The Sullivan Family to South Africa


Josh and Meagan Sullivan are East TN natives. They grew up in Blount County and attended Fellowship Baptist Church in Maryville. They have four children. They are working with veteran missionaries The Halls and The Coffeys with Project South Africa. They have been on the field since 2018.  

To learn more or to contact the Sullivan Family click on their picture.

The Trivette Family to Pine Ridge, South Dakota


Ken and Sherry Trivette are tried and true servants of Jesus Christ. Brother Ken pastored Temple Baptist Church in Chatanooga, TN for over 20 years. There the Lord did great things and the church experienced tremendous growth. While pastoring, the Trivettes gained a great burdened for the Native American Indian. After resigning the pastorate they began deputation to go into full-time missions work. Since reaching the Pine Ridge Reservation God has done great things in their ministry. They have already planted Pine Ridge Baptist Church and have seen souls saved almost weekly.

To learn more or to contact the Trivette Family click on their picture.

The Vandenhurk Family to England


Jonathan and Natalie Vandenhurk have a heart for the English people. Jonathan met Natalie, a native of England, while on a church planting trip. God made clear His will for their lives. After marrying they traveled to the States and began deputation. Jonathan is the pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Peterborough England. They exemplify humility, compassion and dedication.

To learn more or to contact the Vandenhurk Family click on their picture.


The Sauder Family to Zambia, Africa


The Sauders are passionate about reaching Zambia. They feel God is directing them to begin their ministry in the capital city of Lusaka and to expand it in the future to the rural areas. Lusaka has a population of approx. 1.7 million. Many Zambians from all parts of the country are making their way from the bush into the cities looking for work. Their desire is to plant several churches in this city, from which they may see young men who God has called into the ministry carry the gospel back to their home villages and plant churches.

To learn more or to contact the Sauder Family click on their picture.

The Cook Family to Italy


Brandon and Kristan are being used of God in a mighty way. They are headed to a mission field in the shadow of the Vatican. At the heart of Roman Catholicism the Italian people are in desperate need of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pray for the Cooks as they reach the unreached.

To learn more or to contact the Cook Family click on their picture.

The Poirier Family to Quebec, Canada


The Poiriers are veteran missionaries with a heart for the Canadian people. They are church planters and personal soul winners. God has done a great work through them already and they are full steam ahead for the cause of Christ. Pray for them as they reach Canada for Christ.

To learn more or to contact the Poirier Family click on their picture.

The Tipton Family to Nicaragua


After 35 years of planting and pastoring four  churches in America the Lord has called Dr. Paul Tipton and his wife, Gail to the country of Nicaragua where they are training national pastors and assisting them in planting Independent Baptist Churches.  At the time of this writing they have started 6 churches.   

To learn more or to contact the Tipton Family click on their picture.

The Shumaker Family to Burkina Faso


Keith Shumaker loves Jesus. And in spite of constant change, trials, and uncertainties in life, he keeps on loving Him. Keith and Rebecca Shumaker have served in 4 different countries in Africa, and are currently serving God in Burkina Faso. Keith’s heart beats to serve God, no matter what logic says. Or what comfort says. And yes, he’ll improve the quality of life in Burkina Faso through his charity and giving, but that’s not his main focus. Keith isn’t working in Africa to fill bellies, and build houses, though he will do that. He goes there to train leaders, and to preach the gospel. 

To learn more or to contact the Shumaker Family click on their picture.

The Midkiff Family to Indonesia


Jonathan and Danielle Midkiff are on deputation to the country of Indonesia. They serve with BIMI Missions.​

The Stensaas Family to Uganda


Keith was born in 1971 to Bryan and Cheri Stensaas who were religious but lost.  Keith trusted Christ as his Savior at the age of fourteen - April 25, 1986. In 1989 the Lord called Keith to preach while watching the film "Sheffey" about the life of Preacher Robert Sheffey. At the same time, he surrendered to the mission field wherever the Lord may lead him. He attended Bible College where he met and married Sally Ward in 1993. After 18 months of deputation. they arrived in Uganda in February of 1996. They served in Mbarara, Uganda for one year with Keith's parents before moving to Masaka, where God has enabled them to see eleven churches, a Christian radio station, and a Bible College & Institute established. Recently started is the Village Mentorship & Assistance Ministry.  

To learn more or to contact the Stensaas Family click on their picture.

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